Hi, I’m Genevieve Santos-Bann, Founder & Lead Trainer.

I have built my career on demonstrating the power of cosmetics and esthetics to beautify, empower, and embolden faces and careers.

I provide career training and business coaching for beauty professionals from entry to advanced level. Having worked in various capacities in beauty for over 10+ years has given me a 360º perspective and now my mission is to empower those to make a living pursuing their passion for this industry.

Following early career success as a freelance makeup artist and educator with my own company, I pursued my passion in the corporate world at L’Oréal USA. I shifted gears and became a licensed esthetician at ULTA Beauty, the #1 beauty retailer, and am ranked in the top 3% skin therapists nationwide.

Always in the mood to talk about everything from blush to personal branding, let’s connect today. Send me a message—and be sure to share why you love the beauty industry!

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